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Kostas Domenikiotis

Musician Composer

AS A SESSION PLAYER -POPCAKES 'one spark' [tech kila records] -KOSTAS MILOSIS 'kalitehnis tou dromou' [pixida records] -ANTHIMOS MANTI 'time to turn'[steel gallery records] -ANASTASIO FARINI 'lil angel' [defox/heart of steel records] -CHRISTOS IOANNOY 'savvato vrady' [legent records]/1 song -KOSTA VRETO 'skin on strings'[steel gallery records]/1 song -KOSTA VRETO 'pictures of a broken heart' [steel gallery records]/1 songecords]
COMPILATION -'Little people big noise' [rundevilrunrecords]

Bass lessons and courses in Thessaloniki

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Short interview with Kostas . Greek language.


Star gate   ,, Reborn ,, report

third CD
Longing for Light
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