Domenikiotis Dimarelis

Kostas Domenikiotis - Birth Of Spring

Instrumental tune with three basses [fretted 'astral'bass and fretless yamaha]
music written by Kostas Domenikiotis

Greek Melodic Metal masters Star.Gate return withtheir third album "Longing For Light". Three years afte r their "Reborn" release Star.Gate are back in full action presenting their best record so far. Amazing compositions, melody and passion and absolutely NO fillers in this one! New line featuring the legendary guitarist Sotos Gogos (surely one of the top class musicians from Thessaloniki - Greece) plus the mastermind of legendary Greek Progsters Horizon's End on keyboards. Yes Sakis Bandis is back in action and his performance on the new Star. gate will blow yofor ur mind away. On vocals? You will hear THE voice of John Jeff Touch (ex-Vision). Album's artwork is done by Caio Caldas .

Domenikiotis Kostas

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