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-'Argo' 2015 [private] ,-'Birth of spring' 2018 single [private]


-'Edit me' 2003 [steel gallery records] ,-'ultrasonic' 2007 [steel gallery records]


-'Stargate' 2004 [steel gallery records], -'reborn' 2013 [steel gallery records],-'Longing for light' 2016 [steel gallery records]

With D&D

-'Different Directions (2018)


-ANTHIMOS MANTI 'time to turn' [steel gallery records] -JOHN JEFF TOUCH 'burn'[webart records],- POPCAKES 'one spark' [tech kila records],-ANASTASIO FARINI 'lil angel' [defox/heart of steel records], -KOSTAS MYLOSIS 'kallitehnis tou dromou'l [pixida records],-ELEN C SHARP 'seize the day' [webart records],-AILAFAR 'no limits'[aor blvd records] [2 songs], -KOSTA VRETO 'skin on strings' [steel gallery records] [1 song], -KOSTA VRETO 'pictures of a broken heart' [steel gallery records] [1 song], -CHRISTOS IOANNOU 'savvato vrady' [legend records] [1 song], -COMPILATION 'little people big noise' [rundevilrun records] [ 1 song].
Greek Melodic Metal masters Star.Gate return with their third album "Longing For Light". Three years after their "Reborn" release Star.Gate are back in full action presenting their best record so far. Amazing compositions, melody and passion
ARGO is my first solo bass record ,feat. Giannis Tsoulfaidis [Cajon].It's a record without bass loops or bass overdubs.The first part of the CD has solo bass miniatures and the second is a trilogy for electric bass and cajon
Dimitris Tiktopoulos (vocals), Anthimos Manti (guitars), Kostas Domenikiotis (bass), Andreas Paraponiaris (keyboards) and Stelios Sioulas (drums). The band’s sophomore album entitled “Reborn” is due in Mai 2013. The group’s style is mainly melodic hard rock with neoclassical leanings.


- ''Edit me' 2003 [steel gallery records]
-'ultrasonic' 2007 [steel gallery records]

Second album from the best and bigger progressive, experimental, instrumental, fusion metal band for Greek area. Include 10 tracks full of technical, art, melodies and passion. Featuring members from Horizon’s End, Thanderstorm. This is must for all progsters who like Liquid Tension Experiment, Gordian Knot.

Little people .

a two disc compilation with 24 different artists from around the globe ranging from experimental electronica to fusion and from indie pop to raw garage punk...


New magnificent Greek project made up of members from other bands. Members include: Kostas Domenikiotis (Bass, Uthull), Sakis Bantis (Keyboards, Horizon’s End and Uthull), Dimitris Tiktopoulos (Vocals, Medivial and A Band On) and Anthimos Hatziioannidis (Guitar, A Band On). Some of the song titles: ‘Warrior’, ‘Summernights’, ‘Alive’, ‘Don’t Give Up Hope’. Stargate’s style is melodic heavy/power for fans of bands like Royal Hunt, Talisman, and Ten.

Different Directions.

Our goal was to make something different, something new, something special. We named it D&D. The journey started on April 2017. Our music is a mixture of jazz rock fusion and progressive rock.

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