STAR.GATE is a Greek Progressive Metal band with Power Metal, Neoclassical and even a dash of Glam Metal influences, providing a symphonic and theatrical edge to their compositions. "The Dream" is their fourth release so far, and it features ten rich-sounding and technically accomplished tracks. "Stargate" begins with an ominous synth intro that feels straight out of a sci-fi movie soundtrack. Its dramatic vocals and driving rhythm brings it closer to Glam Metal, with a very 1980s-inspired sound. Kostas Domenikiotis lays down some groovy basslines, while Sakis Bandis shows off with an outstanding keyboard solo that would make Keith Emerson proud.

STAR.GATE  heavy power metal band from Thessaloniki



Band’s spiritual father and bassist Kostas Domenikiotis composes having into his mind complete songs from start to finish. You will realize this if you take a close listening on each composition. You will notice how smoothly the song parts are combined together, each song: a complete little musical vision that is able to make you want to press the play button again and again. Fun fact: Yes! The very first time I heard the album I faced the “difficulty” described bellow: I was listening to some particular tunes and I was finding myself going back to the particular tunes, pressing the play button to listen them again and again before I would finally move forward to the next tune. Is it love at first sight? No it is love at first hearing!

The Dream


This is the best STAR.GATE album so far. And one of the most “catchy” albums of the year. If you want some melodic, powerful and majestic Metal, buy this one.

STAR.GATE are back with their fourth album, "The Dream". The band presents the perfect combination of Melodic and Neoclassical Metal through an amazing release.

Almost 40 minutes of amazing compositions based on first class, real song writing. Expect no fillers in this one, just songs that will stick in your mind forever. The band brings to the foreground a new amazing line up featuring Kostas Domenikiotis on bass, Anthemm Manti on guitars, Sakis Bandis (HORIZON'S END, HAIL SPIRIT NOIR) on keyboards, Stergios Kourou (WARDRUM, HORIZON'S END) on drums and John Jeff Touch on vocals, so you should expect only amazing performances on excellent songs.

This is an absolute must for fans of Royal Hunt, Rising Force, Magnum, Ten and Talisman. For sure one of the most catchy Metal records you will have the chance to hear lately!




The Dream

Hellas Thessalonikis melodic metalers presents 2nd album! 10 great songs full of power, melodies and lyricism. Feat. members from Uthull, Sarissa. For all Melodic metal fans especially Royal Hunt, Ten, Malmsteen fans!
Star.gate was formed back in 2003 by Kostas Domenikiotis (bass), Anthimos Manti (guitars), Dimitris Tiktopoulos (vocals) and Sakis Bandis on keyboards with the initial idea being the creation of a project that would in 2004 see the official release of their debut album Stargate Now, eight years since the original plan, the purpose of this project has been redefined and transformed into a full-on band featuring Dimitris Tiktopoulos (vocals), Anthimos Manti (guitars), Kostas Domenikiotis (bass), Andreas Paraponiaris (keyboards) and Stelios Sioulas (drums). The bands sophomore album entitled Reborn is due in Mai 2013. The groups style is mainly melodic hard rock with neoclassical leanings.
StarGate 2013

Greek Melodic Metal Masters


Star Gate return with their third album "Longing For Light". Three years after their "Reborn" release Star.Gate are back in full action presenting their best record so far. Amazing compositions, melody and passion and absolutely NO fillers in this one! New line featuring the legendary guitarist Sotos Gogos (surely one of the top class musicians from Thessaloniki - Greece) plus the mastermind of legendary Greek Progsters Horizon's End on keyboards. Yes Sakis Bandis is back in action and his performance on the new Star. gate will blow your mind away. On vocals? You will hear THE voice of John Jeff Touch (ex-Vision). Album's artwork is done by Caio Caldas and yes it couldn't be better. If you still in the quest for some exciting music that combines Melodic and Neoclassical Metal, if the performance of excellent musicians really matters to you and if bands like Royal Hunt, Rainbow, Magnum, Rising Force, Talisman and Ten are on the top of your favourites-list then you NEED this record.


Longing for Light



Dimitris Tiktopoulos (vocals), Anthimos Manti (guitars), Kostas Domenikiotis (bass), Andreas Paraponiaris (keyboards) and Stelios Sioulas (drums). The band’s sophomore album entitled “Reborn” is due in Mai 2013. The group’s style is mainly melodic hard rock with neoclassical leanings.





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